Our Mission

We are teaming up with companies to help them empower their employees. We believe in a unified team from the hourly customer facing employees to top executives. ShiftMe allows employees to swap shifts across store locations engaging employees and providing managers a huge advantage when it comes to missed shifts, call outs, and schedule approvals.

Give your employees the ability to work for your company whenever and wherever! Our easy to use iOS app manages real time shift swap, manager approvals and more!

Multi-sided rating systems makes it easy to approve valid shift swap candidates, provide real time employee feedback and improve management of your location.

Gain valuable insights about your dedicated workforce by managing schedules and processes all in one place.

Why ShiftMe?

Increase mobility, efficiency, and retention by implementing a solution that impacts employee flexibility and purpose.

Did you know that 51% of hourly employees will quit a job that does not allow flexible scheduling? People are your company’s most valuable asset. Create an environment that makes your employees feel valued by creating a flexible culture where teams can collaborate across store locations and utilize diverse skill sets.

Simplicity Meets Functionality

ShiftMe uses mobile technology to help your team succeed.


Open shifts are available to all employees from your store and neighboring locations. Geo-location technology can be used to customize where you pool employee resources.


Receive live updates about shift changes and swaps. Employees can offer their shifts for coverage and managers can easily approve a swap.


Stop chasing managers for signatures and approvals. Take advantage of real-time tracking and approval of all posted shifts needing coverage.

Reduce Employee Churn

The ability to innovate and shift to a flexible environment that values employee retention will determine your company's ability to sink or swim.

Turn over is frequent and expensive. Depending on the industry, high churn rates range from 60% to 110% of employees yearly and can cost a company over $7500 a year per lost employee. ShiftMe can help reduce employee churn by 45%, meaning that you can invest more time and money into growing your business.

Solutions with Impact

Only 27% of employees are truly engaged. Engaged employees are happier, more productive, stay longer and generate higher profits. Invest in solutions that influence your most valuable asset, your people, which in turn impacts your customers as business beyond measure.

Are you ready to shift the way you work and build a more productive work force?